Babcock & Brown uses its worldwide relationships to source new investment opportunities. Once sourced, B&B structures the transaction, performs applicable due diligence, then presents the transaction to appropriate investors for their evaluation. B&B prides itself on presenting transactions that will be long-term contributors to investors' portfolios.

Sample B&B Transactions

  • USD Investment grade and high yield2
  • Senior with 5-15 year term3
  • Mezzanine with 4-10 year term
  • High coupon CAP Notes® 1, with kicker
  • Assets on lease (i.e., whole asset investments)

Typical Transaction Features

  • Competitive yields
  • Mortgages and amortization
  • Single issuer or diversified portfolios
  • Invest alone or with multiple investors per deal44
  • Customization to match investor requirements
  1. 1 CAP Notes means Corporate Asset Preferred, which is a Burnham-proprietary secured debt obligation with upside based on equipment values.
  2. 2 B&B also offers transactions in €, ¥, 元 and ₩.
  3. 3 May also be structured as a bank loan.
  4. 4 Minimum of US$10,000,000.